Our Favorite Startup Podcasts in 2021

Our Favorite Startup Podcasts in 2021

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Anastasia Starovoytova

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Hearing a fresh voice on entrepreneurship is extremely important for startup founders. Podcasts are a great and time-saving way to connect with these voices. You can listen to them anytime, anywhere, and that's pretty handy for perpetually busy executives. 

Since podcasts keep getting bigger and better, listeners are spoiled with many choices. To narrow down your options, we created this list of our favorite startup podcasts about pitching, scaling, management and everything else startupers are eager to get insights into.

1. Masters of Scale

Number of episodes: 71

Why listen: Scaling insights from the tech world’s top leaders — CEOs of Airbnb, Facebook, Starbucks, etc.

With LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman on its helm, Masters of Scale offers a unique perspective on one of the sorest subjects for startup founders — scaling. The show starts with Hoffman’s theory about scaling and then follows the success stories of American entrepreneurs. The podcast also has a spinoff dedicated to the pandemic, Masters of Scale: Rapid Response. 

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2. Rogue Startups

Number of episodes: 230

Why listen: Tackling the challenges every startup founder faces, from starting a business to successful product management secrets.

Hosted by Dave Rodenbaugh and Craig Hewitt, the Rogue Startups podcast is a perfect pick for every bootstrapped startup founder out there. Every episode features a conversation between Dave and Craig (and their guests) about growing a business, hiring tech talent, remote work and many other topics. The podcast should be of particular interest to SaaS and WordPress lovers.

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3. Rocketship.fm

Number of episodes: 300

Why listen: Thorough exploration of product journeys and failures. 

Have you ever wondered how Drip managed to compete with Mailchimp having only three engineers on their board? Or what brought Tesla to success? Then this podcast hosted by Michael Sacca from Dribbble is for you. Rocketship.fm is often featured by major publications such as Forbes or Huffington Post as their favorite startup podcast. 

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4. Rework

Number of episodes: 145

Why listen: Entertaining and educational content from the Basecamp family. 

If you love Basecamp, you’ll probably take a liking to their podcast too. Rework goes beyond project management and covers a variety of business topics as well as Basecamp’s daily life. The episodes are short enough to consume, the material is often thought-provoking and the hosts, Wailin Wong and Shaun Hildner, sure know how to keep listeners hooked.

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5. This Week in Startups

Number of episodes: 300

Why listen: The latest ideas and trends right from Silicon Valley.

Getting the tech industry scoop is much easier if you listen to This Week in Startups hosted by Jason Calacanis. This show will be interesting for both seasoned and first-time entrepreneurs as it provides you with regular updates on what’s happening in Silicon Valley. Expect a lot of case studies, success stories and insightful banter with top-notch guest speakers.

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6. Leveling Up 

Number of episodes: 299

Why listen: Ins and outs of scaling a business.

Eric Siu’s podcast, Leveling Up, is aimed at people looking for business growth opportunities. Each episode features an interview with startup founders and digital marketing experts about scaling challenges and how to overcome them. The show can help you find all the information you need about launching, growing and going public.

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7. Millionaire Interviews

Number of episodes: 191

Why listen: Inspirational against-all-odds entrepreneurs’ stories.

Once in a while, we all need a motivation booster. In this case, Millionaire Interviews led by Austing Peek can be quite helpful. The podcast focuses on telling the stories of unlikely success and giving listeners actionable tips on how to succeed.

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8. Build Your SaaS

Number of episodes: 118

Why listen: An opportunity to follow the hosts on their journey of building a SaaS company. 

What does it take to launch a profitable SaaS business? In their podcast, Build Your Saas, Jon and Justin try to find that out as they work on their own SaaS, Transistor.fm. On this path, they share both their ups and downs with the audience. 

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9. Mixergy

Number of episodes: 50

Why listen: Uncomfortable questions you always wanted to ask startup founders.

Mixergy’s Andrew Warner likes to keep his guests on their toes by throwing out difficult questions -- often about losing business and winning it back. The host’s persistence is what makes this podcast special. If you want to hear stories of struggle from top entrepreneurs, you’d better start listening to Mixergy.

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10. How I Built This

Number of episodes: 284

Why listen: Real stories of big-name founders and CEOs. 

Guy Raz’s podcast, How I Built This, investigates the origins of billion-dollar companies such as Lyft, Shopify and Yelp. The main objective of this show is to reveal who the founders of these enterprises really are — and what it took from them to get to the very top of the business world.

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11. Startup Diary

Number of episodes: 425

Why listen: 600 seconds of rapid-fire questions aimed at startup founders.

A very candid show, Startup Diary features Adam Callow and Harrison Mudge of Expert Trade as they navigate the murky waters of running a startup. The podcast is well-structured and sticks to the “no-nonsense” approach meaning that the hosts don’t waste away their time on any fluff.

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12. Acquired

Number of episodes: 117

Why listen: Playbooks behind the world’s greatest companies.

Originally Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal’s project about acquisitions, Acquired transformed into a sophisticated technology show and WSJ’s darling. The podcast reveals the tried-and-true success playbooks of the world’s greatest companies.

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13. The Pitch

Number of episodes: 97

Why listen: To find out what investors are looking for.

The quest for funding is never easy, but The Pitch by Josh Muccio, one of the hottest startup podcasts in 2020 and beyond, makes sure that you understand the rules of the investment game.  

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14. SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders

Number of episodes: 300

Why listen: To hear real figures — from losses to profit.

Also known as “The Top”, SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders has Nathan Latka as its frontman. This host (who is a bestselling author by the way) has a reputation for his ability to pressure reclusive founders into talking about financial data.

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15. Startups for the Rest of Us

Number of episodes: 517

Why listen: One of the oldest startup podcasts out there.

Startups for the Rest of Us breaks down the startup life for everyone who wants to get involved. From running a company with a spouse to explaining the secret of the Amazon Go business model, this show has you covered. 

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16. Below the Line

Number of episodes: 78

Why listen: Focus on the psychology of business. 

Below the Line is hosted by an Angel investor, James Beshara, which makes the show about “no-filter” startup stories even more interesting — especially when James starts asking questions below the typical stuff you usually hear from founders.

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17. Founders and Friends

Number of episodes: 161

Why listen: Interviews with a variety of people of different occupations, from tech recruiters to venture capitalists.

Founders and Friends has Scott Orn, COO at Kruze Consulting, as its voice and aims at helping startupers find solid takeaways in pitching, funding, managing and recruiting.

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18. The Growth Show

Number of episodes: 205

Why listen: Good vibe, good tips and even better banter.

The HubSpot original, The Growth Show offers a fresh, upbeat look at, well, growth. If you’re looking for a lighthearted yet insightful podcast with high-caliber guests like Seth Godin, this one is a great choice.

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19. A16Z

Number of episodes: 250

Why listen: Latest technology and startup culture trends.

Andreessen Horowitz’s podcast addresses the latest tech news and cultural trends. A16Z insists that “software eats the world” and tells you how it’s happening. 

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20. Business Wars 

Number of episodes: 253

Why listen: In-depth research on the rivalry between top-notch companies like Facebook and Snapchat.

It’s the competition that drives the market, and David Brown’s Business Wars podcast is here to tell you the best stories about the fiercest rivals in the world. 

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Anastasia Starovoytova

Content Manager

Anastasia is the Content Manager at Satellite, covering technology, effective team building and latest IT news.

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