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DigiFi is a financial technology that provides loan origination system software to financial institutions to make digital transformation in lending faster and easier than ever before
Founded in 2017 in New York City, DigiFi faced challenges in recruiting, retaining and scaling its local software engineering team. High costs and intense competition for software development talent limited DigiFi's ability to grow its team and product.
problem 1
Difficulty Recruiting
problem 2
High Turnover
problem 3
Limited Scale
Cost-Effective Development
Satellite provided a dedicated software development team with more team members at a total lower cost than existing resources, allowing better pricing to customers, improving the speed of development and enhancing product delivery.
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Global Team
Satellite's offering for helped DigiFi access a new global talent pool with ease and build a broader and deeper technology organization. DigiFi can now provide support and services to a wider range of customers across time zones.
Streamlined Human Resources
By taking care of all recruiting and human resources processes, Satellite allowed DigiFi to focus on its core business. Satellite enabled DigiFi's management to spend more time on product and sales, rather than legal and compliance, allowing the business to be more efficient, nimble and effective.
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digifi system
Satellite empowed DigiFi to move from a small player to one of the fasted growing providers in its space by providing a solution to its biggest challenge, software development staffing.
~50 from 10
Team growth
Loan applications processed
5 from 1
Global locations
Revenue growth rate