We partner with you to recruit and nurture top offshore engineers. Premium offices and great employee perks, dedicated HR partners and none of the operational hassles — for 70% lower cost.

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Building a winning product is hard. Building your team doesn’t have to be.

We work to understand your staffing needs and recruit the right team. Each candidate must pass through our extensive technical and fit interviews, and then you meet and vet our selected candidates. Your dream team can be up and running in your private workspace in as little as 4 weeks.

Which side are you on?


We help you build a great team

Satellite was sparked by the idea to form a dedicated development team of software engineers that are working as a natural extension of your company while significantly reducing costs. You control your team while we run your offshore engineering center.

We help you extend your team with skilled software development professionals that are perfectly matched to your company’s culture and product development plans. We take care of everything - your Satellite dedicated team receives payroll, benefits and training and includes engineers with the technical skills and expertise you need, working in a private space branded with your company's logo and identity.

How we build dedicated teams

Our IT services are designed to meet your exact needs

Scale up and accelerate

Best for large startups and established companies with an existing software development team.

Seizing the moment to scale up and accelerate is crucial to your success. At that moment, it’s critical to focus on rapid growth, testing ideas, quickly iterating based on customer feedback, perfecting your most important features and creating a clear software development roadmap.

Your Satellite dedicated team gives you the freedom to build a larger engineering organization for the same cost as a small U.S. team and allocate more of your overall budget to investments in marketing and selling your product. Engaging Satellite’s dedicated team during this high-growth phase can help you augment your team in a smart and sustainable way that improves your product development efforts while increasing your profit margins and growth prospects.

Build, refine and launch

Best for recently funded startups and mid-sized companies at the forefront of digital transformation.

Hiring an in-house team of highly-qualified and experienced software development engineers can take a toll on your newly founded company, and competing with tech giants for leading talent is challenging, expensive and time consuming.

As markets and products are evolving at light speed, you must be equipped to compete at a high level for a long time, and we want to help make this a reality. Satellite has your back in terms of software services and technological excellence, while you maintain full control over your product vision to delight your customers and win your market.

Managed IT services

Best for software-enabled mid-size businesses and large enterprises facing the need to maintain growing IT infrastructure.

Rapidly expanding your business and operations requires constant technical upkeep and oversight, which can lead to escalating costs. Many companies spend significant time and resources to scale up and maintain software development processes, IT environments, high-quality design and ongoing testing efforts.

Satellite’s dedicated software development team offering for managed IT services is perfect for this situation. We provide a seamless extension of IT functions such as project management, QA testing, DevOps and UI/UX design with extremely talented teams that drive significant cost reductions.

Your team

Access top-tier software developers

Your remarkable people build products that users love

Satellite provides instant access to a pool of 55,000 highly-educated and experienced tech staff. We work with you to identify, interview and onboard your team of top specialists with a focus on technical competency, strong English and excellent interpersonal skills.

We use our proprietary employee assessment system to recruit, select and onboard specialists to your team. Your Satellite team can include dedicated software developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, DevOps, QA testers, business analysts and more.

7.5 years

Average work experience in software development

Below 6%

Annual turnover rate of engineering staff

How we build your dedicated software development team is up to you

With Satellite, finding and retaining the right talent is a seamless experience.

  • You know the software engineers you will be working with.
  • You can be sure of their qualifications and skills.
  • We provide hiring, onboarding, payroll, HR support, career development and training.

You have full control over the development process at all times. We ensure smooth collaboration by adapting to your time zone, preferred communication methods, meeting frequency, security standards, project management tools and processes.

2 weeks

Kick-off process for each dedicated team

70% lower

Cost compared to US-based engineering teams

Technologies we work with


Ruby on Rails

Mongo DB

Angular JS


Node JS


Your workspace

We provide your Satellite office

Your dedicated development team receives a vibrant workspace that’s branded with your logo, and Satellite’s shared amenities keep people fresh and engaged.

  • Our modern offices combine secure private team rooms with inviting shared areas.
  • We provide top-of-the-line computers and equipment for your team.
  • You automatically scale into a larger private team space as you add more team members.
  • We organize lots of team building events and partner workshops.

Your simple payment plan

Semi-monthly payments, just like your payroll

We pride ourselves on being transparent and flexible, and we're the only software development company that builds dedicated teams without taking you through a long and painful project scope estimation process. It’s your Satellite office, up and running faster than you could have imagined.

Satellite pricing

With us, you can hire dedicated software developers and scale up quickly while saving 70% relative to U.S. teams.

  • Fixed monthly pricing for a dedicated team of top-tier software engineers.
  • Flexible month-to-month contracts with no long-term commitment required.
Satellite pricing

Dedicated every step of the way

Satellite is integrated into the tech community and we understand that building an incredible software product is hard, but building a great team is even harder.

We combine international product development expertise with talented staff in the world’s top engineering hubs to help you achieve sustainable and cost-effective growth.

Building dedicated teams at Satellite is based on:

Talent nurturing

  • Hiring the best, the brightest and the most experienced staff.
  • Ensuring continuous professional growth with investments in education and knowledge sharing.
  • Partnering with leading university programs.

Transparent partnership

  • Your change requests have an effect on the development schedule not on monthly costs.
  • Flexible and transparent collaboration.
  • Your dedicated team is always aligned with your preferred workflow.

Technical excellence

  • Full alignment with your required technical stack.
  • Promoting innovative technologies, approaches and tools.
  • Supporting the growth and combination of diverse technical skill-sets.


  • Full integration and alignment with your team.
  • Rapid onboarding of your dedicated team.
  • Quick scale up and quick scale down with no risk for the quality of the product.

Our partner's experience

DigiFi is a fintech startup in New York City that provides automated lending technology to financial institutions. The company previously used U.S. software engineers but the high costs limited DigiFi's ability to scale the team and product.

DigiFi engaged Satellite to build out an international development hub in Belarus. The team started with 6 engineers and has now scaled to 12 people with per-employee costs reduced by over 70%.

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